Medical Facilities, in partnership with physicians, owns a portfolio of highly rated, high-quality surgical facilities in the United States. Medical Facilities' ownership includes controlling interest in four specialty surgical hospitals located in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, and an ambulatory surgery center located in California. Medical Facilities' specialty surgical hospitals focus on a limited number of high-volume, non-emergency surgical, imaging, diagnostic and pain management procedures, which are delivered on both inpatient and outpatient bases. The ambulatory surgery center is a specialized surgical center that performs planned, non-emergency procedures on an outpatient basis.

Medical Facilities is a British Columbia corporation and is considered Canadian property. Its common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol DR. Medical Facilities strives to pay a competitive dividend with a yield that is in line with the average yield on the TSX Composite Index.

Medical Facilities has a Dividend Reinvestment and Share Purchase Plan, which allows shareholders resident in Canada to automatically reinvest in a cost-effective manner the quarterly cash dividend into additional common shares. The Plan is administered by Computershare Trust Company of Canada.

Large, growing market for outpatient services
    A portfolio of highly-rated, high-quality facilities
           Competitive dividend
   Experienced management and board