Stable and secure income for our shareholders

Corporate Profile

Medical Facilities owns a majority interest in each of five specialty surgical hospitals located in Arkansas, Indiana, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, as well as a majority interest in an ambulatory surgery center located in California. Medical Facilities’ specialty surgical hospitals focus on a limited number of high-volume, non-emergency procedures, and diagnostic and imaging services, which are delivered on both inpatient and outpatient bases. The ambulatory surgery center is a specialized surgical center that performs planned, non-emergency procedures on an outpatient basis.

Medical Facilities is a British Columbia corporation and is considered Canadian property. Its securities trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols DR (common shares) and DR.DB.A (convertible debentures). Medical Facilities pays out a majority of its free cash flows from operations to holders of its common shares in the form of a monthly dividend of C$0.09375 per share.

Medical Facilities has a Dividend Reinvestment and Share Purchase Plan, which allows shareholders resident in Canada to automatically reinvest in a cost-effective manner the monthly cash dividend into additional common shares. The Plan is administered by Computershare Trust Company of Canada.

Why Invest in Medical Facilities?

High-yield investment and stable cash flow
Attractive markets with strong economies
Highly-rated high-quality facilities
Favourable industry growth drivers
Experienced management team and board