High quality facilities that combine the best patient experience and hospital care

Founded in 2004, Medical Facilities owns controlling interests in five specialty surgical hospitals located in Arkansas, Indiana, Oklahoma and South Dakota, and an ambulatory surgery center located in California. The specialty surgical hospitals perform scheduled surgical, imaging and diagnostic procedures. The ambulatory surgery center specializes in outpatient surgical procedures, with patient stays of less than 24 hours. Medical Facilities also owns controlling interest in a diversified healthcare service company located in Oklahoma that provides third-party business solutions to healthcare entities such as physician practices, facilities, and insurance companies.

Medical Facilities’ unique management philosophy focuses on efficiency and productivity of our facilities. Our physician partners have a personal interest and play an active role in daily management and strategic direction of our facilities. They are an integral part of Medical Facilities’ mission to provide highest quality of care in an environment that is safe, convenient and comfortable to our patients, their families, our employees and healthcare practitioners who use our facilities.

Medical Facilities generates nearly all of its revenue from the facility fee charged to the patient, or their insurer. This facility fee is for the use of our infrastructure, surgical equipment, nursing staff, non-surgical professional services, drugs and supplies, and other support services.

Medical Facilities’ specialty surgical hospitals provide a competitive alternative to larger, traditionally-run hospitals. It is our goal to create a superior environment that focuses on efficiency and productivity so that the use of our facilities is the first choice of surgeons and their patients. Our facilities rank high in surveys and studies of patient satisfaction and have a reputation for superior customer experience.

Medical Facilities is a British Columbia corporation and is considered Canadian property. Its common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol DR. Medical Facilities pays out a majority of its free cash flows from operations to holders of its common shares in the form of a monthly dividend.